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Holy Land in the Holy Text

Cynthia Hannah

Holy Land in the Holy Text Podcast: Where we deep dive inside the Jewish Biblical text, the Torah, to discover the secrets, insights, and sources, about the significance of the Land of Israel and how it’s applicable to what’s happening in the world today. 

I’m Cynthia Hannah, a passionate biblical educator, author, and host of Holy Land in the Holy Text Podcast. Where I share wisdom and insights about the Holy Land, known today as the Land of Israel, that are hidden inside the Jewish biblical text, and I bring it out for all to see and learn. 

I strive to make this podcast accessible to all, so I simplify and explain different biblical concepts, so that anybody, of any faith or background, can understand the why the land of Israel is so important from inside the biblical text itself. 

I interweave a wide array of Torah, chasidic and Kabbalistic commentators, alongside the knowledge that has been passed down through a variety of incredible teachers that I’ve been privileged to study under for over 13 years here in holy land itself, the spiritual capital of the world, Jerusalem. 

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